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The preview on this page is a very low quality, 240p with 15fps.

When you buy the video, its delivered to you on Drobox, WeTransfer or YouTube a full HD version, 1080p 50fps.

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AEG 18 - 1st week: Jumping International Klasses

AEG 18 - 1st week: Ponnies

AEG 18 - 1st week: FERD Riders Cup jumping

AEG 18 - 1st week: Junior Open

AEG 18 - 1st week: Young Horses

AEG 18 - 1st week: All dressage klasses

AEG 18 - 2nd week: Ponni, Junior, Wall

AEG 18 - 2nd week: International klasses


Christmas Show 2017

Baltic Cup 2017

Christmas Show Warm Up Horses

Baekgarden week 26

Baekgarden week 27

Danish Indoor Champinships

drammen horse show

artic equestrian gamens 2016


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