Subscription Plan

Join this plan and you will get acess to all the live streamings that HorseMultimedia do! This plan also gives you discounts when you buy packages of pictures from the website. Total price of the plan: 10euros fee (payed in the first day of subscription) and 15euros per month (payment starts in the 2nd day of subscription).
10e/fee + 15e/month
Danish Derby Christmas Show
Danish Derby Christmas Show   Live Tv only. Recorded videos NOT included. You can order the videos on . The LiveTV works on Windows computers, Iphones, Android Phones and IOS systems. Some problems can happen in some tablets and IPADS. The LIVE TV includes all the klasses of the show, everyday. Musical Shows, private moments and copyrighted happenings will NOT be transmited. We take no responsability in case we cannot deliver the signal in case of technical problems. This situations never happened in the last 4 years.
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