Helpfull TIPS

How to register at to watch the live TV from Vilhemsborg Christmas Show.


Question: I just payed. Its not working!! what to do?

Ansewr: please wait a couple minute for the payment to be processed. then log out and log in again. it will work. if not, please use the ”contact us” box on the bottom of the page and we will check it out. please be awared that sometimes the payment take a bit more time to be processed. we never noticed a payment to take more than 10 minutes, so before contact us, please wait those maximum 10 minutes to log out / log in and then contact us in case of some trouble.

Question: I can see on my computer and phone but not on my IPAD.

Ansewr: To optimize the experience of visualization you are redirected to the best resolution of your device. So we split the devices in 2 categories over 750p (usually computers) and under 750p (usually mobile phones). The problem is that the ipad is a mobile device but with a higher resolution… so this creates issues on our website code and scripts. Solution: on the top right side of Google chrome on Ipad, after the URL space, there is a small menu. On that menu, choose ”View Desktop version”. It works in mostly all IPADs. If it doesnt work we are sorry and we have our webdesign team working on this issue.

Question: I lost my password!! What to do???

Ansewr: On menu click on the option LOG IN. On that page you will find the option that says RECOVER PASSWORD. Insert your email and you will get an email back in seconds with a new password. If you can’t find it, please use the ”contact us” on the bottom of this page and request for a reset of your account. We do it asap.

Question: I can't find how to pay for the live tv!!

Ansewr: Don’t panic! Request a manual invoice from We will send you an invoice and as soon it is payed we activate your account manually. The option is to request for this invoice at the ”contact us” box on the bottom of the page.

Question: I want to watch the live tv but i can't find out out to create my account.

Ansewr: Don’t panic! Simply use the ”contact us” box on the bottom this page and request assistence for the new account and an invoice for the competition that you want to watch. we send you the invoice manually and we activate your account manually also.

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