Danish Derby Christmas Show 2017


Prices for the live broadcast:

Danish Derby Horses Warm Up: 11euros for the last 2 days!

Danish Derby Horses Ponnies Up: 16euros.

Baltic Cup: 22euros.

Danish Derby Christmas Show: 22euros.


All the payments can be done on Paypal.

The broadcast will be on HD quality 720p. But it may change according to the internet speed on each moment on site.


Compatibility issues!

The LiveTV works on Windows computers, Iphones, Android Phones and IOS systems. Some problems can happen in some tablets and IPADS.

Please contact me for more info about this BEFORE purchase, please.



To register please make sure you use your email as username. It avoid a lot of problems in case you loose your password.

Register here!


Troubles to Watch? please contact me directly on

  1. Whatsapp +351961826103
  2. Messenger Paulo Velez HorseMultimedia
  3. Facebook page support for Live TV (coming soon)
  4. Email paulovelez@gmail.com

I will be online during all the time of the live tv and ready to help.

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